Field Recordings of Fridges

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Walford Contemporary

Chase Coley's "If This Square Could Speak: Aural Geographies of the East End" is now open to the public in the Slater Suite (ground floor) at the Walford Contemporary.

In this video, Coley provides an insight into his work - the culmination of a 6 month residency at the gallery. Drawing on extensive field recordings and unheard archival material, Coley's project comprises a series of sound walks and an immersive installation in the Slater Suite.

For more information and an exclusive interview with Chase Coley about his project, please visit

Musrara School of Art

In 2017 I took part in an Art Residency in Jerusalem with the Musrara School of Art. With this trip I wanted to explore the idea of Acoustic Territory, specificly over the radio waves around Jerusalem and the West Bank. I also gave performances over walkie talkies and short wave radio with the intention of getting the occupying forces to tune in. For field recordings and performances visit